Fixing a Guitar

Whether it’s an electric or an acoustic guitar, it’s going to suffer some knocks and bruises when you are playing and transporting it. In order to take the best care of your guitar possible, you’ll need to know how to fix it, and also when not to fix it.

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If there’s one thing any seasoned guitarist should know when looking at a guitar, it’s how long the guitar has been played. Some bumps scratches from the pick, dirt, and dust all show that the guitar is loved and has been living a good life. If you buy a pristine guitar and it still looks the same a year later, you aren’t using it enough.

A guitar that has a few battle scars out of love doesn’t need to be repaired, but if the guitar’s scars are preventing you from playing it or messing with the sound it needs to be fixed. Things like broken strings can be fixed quite easily by yourself. Just buy the necessary strings from a guitar shop and either have an employee show you what to do, or look up a guide and do it yourself.

If the guitar is cracked, damaged by water, or otherwise unplayable you might want to take it to a guitar repair shop or specialist to see if it can be saved. Accidents like this (that completely damage a guitar) are fairly rare and are accidents, but when they do happen you need to find a licensed boston guitar repair service to fix up your instrument.

It might cost some money and time, but it will be half the cost of replacing your instrument yourself. When your guitar gets damaged, take the time to see if the damage affects the sound quality of the guitar, then decide if it’s a problem or a battle scar.