How to Properly Review a Play

Plays are different than writing a review for a book or a movie, because a reviewer not only has to look at all the moving parts and components of a play but also how they all fit together. Plus, most plays are done live, meaning that the reviewer has to be invested in the play and what the actors are bringing to the table.

Broadway play reviews

First, to properly review a play you’ll need to focus on the overall story. How did the story make you feel, was it presented well, did the characters help the story’s emotional tone? If you loved the story or particularly enjoyed a certain scene, be sure to note that in the Broadway play reviews.

Then you need to delve into both the characters themselves and the actors who play them. If the character is presented as a strong man, but he is played by a weak sounding and tired oneĀ… then you need to note that. Sometimes actors just have a bad performance, but since you are reviewing that performance, you need to review both sides of the character and actor.

It’s perfectly acceptable to see a minor character be brought to life by a very good actor, or a major character brought low by an actor who isn’t having their best day. That’s the reality of watching a performance live, mishaps both good and bad can happen, and no performance night is ever the same afterward.

Then you can write down the good, the bad, and the exciting, same as any other review. Just be sure to focus not only on what is happening onstage but also what is happening offstage too. Writing about both the world of the play and the actors who make the play happen can be a tricky balancing act, but it can be pulled off.